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The One-Shot Tournament Page


On this page, you can run a One-Shot Tournament, which consists of a single run in which each player plays against each other player in a round-robin tournament. The “winner” of the tournament is the player with the highest score.

Tournament Players List

On the left-hand side of the screen is a list of all the players that have been added to the tournament. To add more players, press the “Back” button to return to the player selection screen. The name of each player is listed, and after the tournament has been run, each player’s overall score will be shown.

Tournament Maches List

In the center of the right-hand side of the screen is a list of all the matches that will be played in this tournament. Each match consists of five games, and there is one match played for each pair of players in the players list. After the tournament is played, the victor of each match as well as the score registered by players one and two (the first and second players listed under “Competitors”) will be listed.

To run the tournament, click the “Run Tournament” button above the tournament matches list. After the tournament is run, the winner will be displayed beneath the maches list. If you would like to see the detailed list of moves played during a given match, click on a given match and press “Show Details….” A window will be displayed showing each move in each game. You don’t need to record this detailed match information if you’d like to keep it; an opportunity will be given to save this data on the next screen.

After you have run the tournament, click the “Next” button to advance to the next screen.