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evolutionary tournament
An evolutionary tournament is a tournament in which a virtual “population” is created, containing an equal amount of each sort of player. The relative score of each player as a fraction of the total in the population is calculated, and these weights are used to determine the fractions in the next “generation.”
finite state machine
A finite state machine is a simple, minimal-programming way to write a strategy that can be used to play games in Oyun.
A match is a sequence of five games between two players.
one-shot tournament
A one-shot tournament is a single run of a tournament in which each player plays against each other player in a round-robin format. The “winner” of the one-shot tournament is the player with the highest total-sum score.
prisoner’s dilemma
The prisoner’s dilemma is a simple 2x2 game in which the rational decision for both players is always to defect, while both could receive a higher payoff if they were to cooperate.