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The Evolutionary Tournament Page


On this page, you can run an Evolutionary Tournament, in which a virtual “population” is created and evolved over time.

The Evolutionary Tournament Algorithm

We begin by creating an initial population containing equal fractions of each type of player. Then, we take advantage of the fact that games are (excepting the built-in random player, which is ignored) deterministic. Thus, a given player’s score can be calculated as:

for each possible opponent O (including itself)
    score += (score versus O) * (chance that player will meet O)
end for

Then, we compute the “total score” that has been scored this round – adding up the scores achieved by every player. Finally, an individual’s fractional representation in the next generation is equal to the fraction of this total score which it accumulated.

Running a Tournament

Begin by setting the number of generations for which the tournament will run. The default value is 200, which is usually more than enough for a given population to stabilize. Press the “Run Tournament"button, and the results will be graphed. When finished, you may press the “Show Legend…” button to pop up a window showing which graph colors correspond to which players.

After you have run the tournament, click the “Next” button to advance to the next screen.