Oyun: Development

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Release Policy

Undertake the following steps before completing a release:

  1. Years and Dates
    • Update year if it’s changed:
      • ChangeLog files in root directory
      • README
      • All source-file copyrights in src/
      • Copyright notices in the [[Release Notes]]
  2. Release Notes
    • Update the [[Release Notes]] on the wiki.
    • Generate the NEWS file by running make news_file.
    • Change version numbers in CMakeLists.txt and in the Doxyfile.
  3. Documentation
    • Check that any and all new features are documented in the documentation.
    • Update the docs in the master branch by executing: cd doc/manual/gh-wiki; git pull; cd ..; git add gh-wiki and committing.
    • Check that a Doxygen documentation run doesn’t report any errors.
    • Build the Doxygen docs and copy them over to the gh-pages branch.
    • Update the ChangeLog by running make changelog_file.
  4. Commit Code
    • Push the proposed final version and test it on Windows and Mac. Also, build all three installation packages and ensure that they function correctly.
    • Tag the version on GitHub: git tag -a v2.0.b2.
    • From this point on, no changes to the code.
  5. Build Packages
    • Using the tagged release, build Windows, Mac, and Source packages.
    • Upload the packages to GitHub.
  6. Announce
    • Update all the links on the Downloads page on the website.
    • Update all the links on the Home page on the website.
    • FIXME: When we have a mailing list, send an e-mail to the oyun-announce list.
  7. Bump
    • Create space for a new version in the Release Notes, and fill in features and bug-fixes as they happen.